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2021 Djinnang Association Reunion

All those who attended 2021 the reunion have told me they had a great time and as always enjoyed catching up with old mates. If you would like to see the pictures Trev Benneworth took at the 2018 Reunion - Click Here!

The reunions and the ongoing comraderie is what the Djinnang Association is all about. The next reunion to be held on Saturday 28May 2022.
The proposed venue for the reunion is the Paddo Hotel, Due to the fact we have a certain budget to stick to, a requirement of no stairs, sole occupancy of the room and at least 100 people attending, it was impossible for us to find a venue right in the City Centre. We investigated the Paddo Tavern and it is pretty much exactly what we need for the reunion. The Paddo is approximately 4kms from Brisbane City.

* You may like to have a look at or download Gail McDermott's reunion flyer - Click Here! simply close the flyer to return here!

If you intend to be at the 2022 reunion please contact the webmaster: Click Here!

Don't forget to put your name on our website so that your mates will know to come Click Here!

Who is coming to the 2022 Reunion? 28th May 2022, 1400 - 2100

The following people have indicated that they will be attending the reunion - Add Your Name Click Here!

John Isaacs
Gail McDermott
Brian Webb
Kerry Harrington
Alyn Hawkes
Tracey Stephens
Barbara Watson
Robyn Russell
Marie Henson
Neil Hunter
Stephen Ellis
Murray Crome
Norm Morrison
John & Alison Cridland
Ross Billiau
Paul McGilvery
Candy Hardy (Knight)
John Sobott
Grant "Robbo" Robertson
Dennis Greig
Rosalyn Curran
David Cooke
Gary Francis
Patrick Bannan
Ray Graham
Gavin McGrath
Ray "RG" Thompson
Bob and Lyn Harris
Ian Mckee
Tracey Stephens
Kenneth John Marsh
Lisa-Rae Williams-Hill
Alexander "Sandy" and Wendy Matheson
Trevor Benneworth
Lalee Jagiello
Yvonne Trickey
Shirley Watson
Beth Golden
Ron Bellert
Jack & Margaret Khan
Graeme Brownrigg
Diane Chattington
Wendy Dembowski
Clive & Mrs Mackrow
Mark & Fran Brown
Cathy Close (nee Holmes)
Michael Maloney
Anthony Ireland
Pygmy & Jill McAndrew
Colin & Marie Price
Colleen Jollow & Friend
Debbie Kinsel
Pat Holland
Chris Watson
Shelley Mathers Armstrong
Brian Machin
Noel Hartigan
Bob Bland
Clive & Elaine Mackrow
Kim Stafford
Rob Scott
Nev & Denise Paten
Vicki Burgess
Colleen Higginson
Bill & Leanne Watson
Val & Vera Robinson
Neville & Adele Murray
Mick & Linda Conyard
Buck Buchanan
Lew Mackay
Ken McFarland
Steve Anning

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