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The Djinnang Association arranges an annual reunion in Brisbane each May and announces to members other communciations reunions being planned for other locations, such as the recent reunions at Ballarat and Pearce.

Membership is only $10.00 per year and entitles members to the publications "Where Are They Now" and "QTC" which are mailed FREE to members each year.

Our financial year for the purpose of membership runs from one annual reunion to the next - ie: the last Saturday in May one year to the last Saturday in May in the following year.

When paying by cheque please make the cheque payable to "Djinnang Association".

Address details for the association and officebearers are at the Contact Info page of this web site. To join, see the Signup Information page.




1. The name of the association shall be DJINNANG ASSOCIATION (Qld) (in these rules called "the Association").


2. The objects for which the Association is established are:

(1) To encourage and promote recreational and social activities for its members.

(2) To organise an Annual Reunion of members and other recreational functions for members on an irregular basis.


3. The powers of the Association are:

(1) To take over the funds and other assets and liabilities of the previously incorporated Association which was disbanded by General Meeting.

(2) The Association through the Management Committee may buy and sell goods or hire premises on behalf of the Association in connection with organised functions.

(3) To remunerate any person for services rendered for promotion of the Association.

(4) To invest and deal with money of the Association in such a manner as may from time to time be thought fit.

(5) To make personal or written appeals for the purpose of procuring contributions to the Association by way of appeals, donations or annual subscriptions.

(6) To print Newsletters for distribution to members of the Association.

(7) To do all other things to attain the objects and exercise the powers of the Association.


4. The membership of the Association shall consist of full members, being servicemen, servicewomen, ex-servicemen and ex-servicewomen who have served (Post World War 2) with R.A.A.F. Service Communication Units and/or whose
mustering required that they serve within a Signals enviroment and any of the following classes of members:

(a) Associate members : ex-servicemen and ex-servicewomen who did not serve with Service Communications Units or within a Signals enviroment.

(b) Life members : persons who give exemplary service to the Association and are approved by any General Meeting.

(c) Honorary members : persons who contribute services to the Association and are recognised at any General Meeting.

(d) The number of members shall be as follows:
Full members - unlimited.
Associate members - unlimited as approved by the management committee.
Life members - unlimited as approved by any General Meeting.
Honorary members - not normally greater than 10% of full membership but admitted at the discretion of the Management Committee and ratified by the following General Meeting.


5. Membership shall be extended to all eligible persons who have been approved as in para 4 above and who have paid their joining and membership fees as applicable. Membership is current for one year, normally May-May and will lapse if not renewed.


6. The membership fees for each class of membership shall be as recommended by the Management Committee and approved at any General Meeting. Fees will be payable in such a manner as determined by the Management Committee.


7. The Management Committee may accept or reject an application for membership of the Association from those persons eligible for either full or associate membership. Other classes of membership are to be ratified by a General Meeting.


8. Any member may resign from the Association at any time by giving notice to the Secretary. Membership will be automatically forfeited by non-payment of membership fees. The Management Committee may also terminate a membership if a member commits any act which may bring discredit to the Association or its members. The latter action will be ratified by a General Meeting.


9. The Management Committee shall keep a Register showing the names and addresses of persons admitted as members of the Association. The Register is to be available for inspection by any member on application through the Secretary.


10. The Management Committee shall be elected by General Meeting for a period of twelve months or to the next Annual General Meeting. The committee will normally consist of a President and six or more other members.
Of the elected company, the President will nominate one or more persons to fill specific positions on the Management Committee.


11. The Management Committee shall have the power to appoint or co-opt any member of the Association to fill any casual vacancy on the Management Committee until the next Annual General Meeting.


12. The Management Committee shall have the general control and management of the affairs of the Association. This shall include the authority to interpret the meaning of the Rules of the Association.


13. The Management Committee shall meet at times determined by the President or at any other time in response to the request from no less than twenty percent of full and financial members of the Association. In general, meetings will be called no less frequently than twice in any financial year. A quorum shall comprise no less than a President and one half of the elected members of the committee.


14. The Annual General Meeting shall be held within three months of the close of the financial year.

The business to be transacted shall be the receiving of the Management Committee report and statement of income and expenditure.

Receipt of the Treasurer's and Auditor's reports for the preceding financial year.

The election of a President and members of the Management Committee.

The Secretary shall record full and accurate minutes of all meetings and make these available on request to any financial member.


15. Alterations to the rules of the Association shall be on the recommendation of the Management Committee and approved by a General Meeting.


16. The funds of the Association shall be banked in the name of the Association in such bank as the Management Committee may direct.

Proper books and accounts shall be kept showing the financial affairs of the Association.

All monies shall be banked as soon as practicable after receipt.

All amounts of fifty dollars or over shall be paid by cheque signed by any two of the bank account signatories.

Cheques shall be crossed "not negotiable" except those in payment of petty cash.

The Management Committee shall determine the amount of petty cash which shall be kept.

All expenditure shall be approved or ratified at a Management Committee meeting.

The Treasurer shall cause a statement to be prepared at the end of the financial year showing particulars of expenditure and liabilities incurred throughout the preceding year.

All statements are to be examined by an auditor and made available to the next Annual General Meeting.

The income and property of the Association shall be used and applied solely in the promotion of the objects of the Association.


17. The Management Committee shall provide for the safe custody of books and documents of the Association.


18. The financial year of the Association shall close on 31 March each year.


19. If the Association shall be wound-up and there remains any property whatsoever, the same shall be transferred to any other association or charity as decided by the majority of members.

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