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Brian (Hoss) Stead
DVA Fact Sheet
Replacement Medals
RAAF History

Brian (Hoss) Stead

Beryl Steed advises that Brian (Hoss) Stead passed away on the 10th March 2011. Her address is 21 Marmion Street, Mannering Park NSW 2259

She would love to hear from old friends.

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DVA Fact Sheet - 7MAR11

All Members,

I have been requested by Ken & Trudy Perkins to draw the attention of DVA Fact Sheet HSV 66 to the attention of our members. The Sheet is titled Health Services for Veterans with Cancer.
You can access this info through DVA Fact Sheets and should be of interest to all veterans.


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Government to replace medals lost in natural disasters

Parliamentary Secretary for Defence, Senator the Hon David Feeney, today announced that the Government will relax the policy on replacement of Australian Defence Force (ADF) medals so that medals lost during the Queensland and Victorian floods, the impact of Cyclone Yasi and the fires in Western Australia can be replaced.

"Government policy for many years has been medals can only be issued to the ADF member who earned them," Senator Feeney said.

"This usually means that medals cannot be replaced if they are lost or destroyed after the ADF member has died."

Where medals are lost in natural disasters, however, this policy may be relaxed. This was done following the Victorian bushfires in 2009.

"While the Government is committed to maintaining the integrity of our system of military honours and awards, there are circumstances in which the Australian community rightly expects us to show greater flexibility in implementing the existing policy. I believe this unprecedented series of natural disasters is one of those circumstances," Senator Feeney said.

"I have therefore decided that ADF medals may be reissued to the next of kin or other appropriate relative of deceased ADF members, if the medals have been lost or destroyed in the current natural disasters. Family members who have, in the course of these natural disasters, lost the medals of loved ones, may now make application for replacements.

"Unfortunately, however, only medals dating back to the First World War can be replaced. Medals for conflicts prior to this war are no longer in production."

Applicants should use the application form and statutory declaration located on the Defence Honours and Awards website at: www.defence.gov.au/medals

Completed applications should be submitted to: Directorate of Honours and Awards
Department of Defence, PO Box 7952, Canberra BC, ACT 2610. Enquiries may also be directed to Defence Honours and Awards toll free on 1800 111 321.

Media contact: Lorna Clarke 0408 345 730

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RAAF History

All Members,

The following has been received through our EX RAAF connections and is onforwarded for your personal information: QUOTE

From: Bill Arden
To: Noel Hadfield
Sent: Sunday, April 11, 2010 6:12 PM
Subject: RAAF History

RAAF History

Sunday, 11 April 2010,

Noel, in 2008 I prepared a transcript of an extract from a Thesis prepared by then SGT Warren 'Wally' Sowter on the Origins of the Royal Australian Air Force Apprenticeship Training Scheme. I note many names of ex-apprentices in our Engineer Officer Fraternity and thought they may be interested in having a copy, and others may also have an interest. Many of them are acknowledged in the Thesis as contributors.

This Thesis represents a historical record, as many of the original records have been lost (Warren has kindly provided me with his original Thesis drafts and records). I am pleased to provide this transcript (my own work) to share with others. The extract was originally prepared for my own Seventh Intake group.
I hope to follow up with some other records - including an explanatory personal letter from GRPCAPT P.G.Heffernan, who tells how it started. He is generally regarded as the 'Father of the RAAF Apprenticeship Scheme'.

I have attached a PDF file. If you feel it is appropriate to share this with the members please feel free to do so.

Should you require a copy of the PDF file (very worthwhile), just send me an email at gimms(at)internode.on.net and I will forward you a copy. Unfortunately, I was unable to copy it to this Djinnang site.